"Commuse Music is one of the most tenacious and hard working companies I have ever encountered. it's good to work with people who are realistic, capable and have an ear for music"
- Dave Goff, Synergy Media Group, Denver CO (US), independent promotion & distribution company

"I have interviewed Commuse on several occasions and included them in my most recent music books for Billboard Books, because of the accomplishments of Red to Violet and Commuse"
- Daylle Deanne Schwartz, NY author bestselling music industry books, former president of Revenge Records, has been a guest on: Oprah, CNN, Ricky Lake and BBC

Commuse Music Productions

"their songs are not only pleasing to the ear,
they'll make your heart shine..."

(angela wollman, e1t1 media, NY)

you've landed on the Commuse website,
a professional music production company & music publishing company,
located on their floating headquarters in the
Amsterdam area, The Netherlands.

as a music production company Commuse has recorded & produced
international CD-releases for awardwinning alt rock act Red to Violet.
the Red to Violet CD's have received airplay on hundreds of
college radios in the US, as well as radios
in Australia, Japan, UK, Germany, France...
to hear Red to Violet music or buy Red to Violet CD's
in your area, visit the Commuse Music Store
offering direct links to the best CD-stores
on this slowly rotating planet...

Commuse Music publishing offers a large song catalogue with
original tracks which can be used by other artists for their recordings.
the catalogue includes ballads, midtempo and uptempo songs in different genres.
all songs can be heard on a pro recorded demo.
anyone interested to hear one or more of these songs, can contact Commuse here
look forward to hear from you...

a song by Commuse won the
JPFolks Music Award in the US